Recent works combining photography, original inks, etc edited using Adobe, corel and whatever felt good at the time. A lot are some what psychedelic in nature but nothing is implied, nor should anything be assumed. Been cruising around the South East taking a few pictures here and there lately.

untitled_small.jpg untitled2_small.jpg untitled3_small.jpg rising_small.jpg
another_small.jpg another2_small.jpg another3_small.jpg untitled4_small.jpg
untitled5_small.jpg fragments_small.jpg glowstickconfidential_small.jpg spirits_small.jpg
spirits2_small.jpg dawnshighway_small.jpg freeway_small.jpg igotsomethingbetterthanlove_small.jpg
lotsofdifferentstories_small.jpg marley_small.jpg bubbles_small.jpg pink_small.jpg
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